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No. 26 


April 2015

Election of Integration Council in 2016

By March 2016, the election of the Integration Council is provided. Therefore, a discussion about a new constitution and electoral code is currently out between the city administration, Integration Council and local politics. This discussion process is not yet complete. Under the current state of the discussion and the ideas of integration Council, there will be a new electoral model with the following principles:

1. Mixed Elections

The 30 members of the Integration Council will be determined in a democratic election. It proposes a mixed electoral system, ie 18 seats after a pre-determined mode as "free seats" awarded (here counts the votes received by a candidate).

This choice model is a further development of the electoral model of 2010. It provides at one hand for an adequate protection of minorities and at the other side the democratic will of the electorate will be better taken into account.

2. Passive electoral law in four groups

The allocation of seats is carried out in four groups, similar to the 2010 election, but there is no more the "group of naturalized citizens" . These four groups receive a minimum number of seats each . The minimum number of seats for the group is determined in advance. The four groups are:

a) Emigrants

b) European Union

c) Rest of Europe (incl. Turkey)

d) Asia / Africa / America, and Other.

Naturalized and dual citizens should be able to stand as candidate in the respective groups.

Candidates can run as individuals or come together in a nomination with several candidates. The name of a nomination with several candidates is to be given in short form (max. 30 characters) on the ballot (for information).

3. Right to vote

Right to vote should as of 2010, have all adult immigrants, ie all foreigners, emigrants, naturalized citizens who have been registered for at least 6 months in Nuremberg. Each voter will get 12 votes. Otherwise the principles of local elections apply, with the possibility of cumulation (granting up to three voices to a person) and vote splitting (choice of people in different groups) .

The electors registered in the city will receive a polling card. The entries on the electoral roll for the exercise of the right to vote may also - as in the previous election - be possible on the day of the election without submitting a correspondent document.

4. Period of Election

The Integration Council wishes that the opportunity to vote at a polling station in the town hall or the City Council of Nuremberg during the week before the official election sunday exists. 

Source: Key Issues Paper of the administration and unanimous decision of the Council of Integration 21/04/2015 - Applicant: Ihlan Postaloglu

"Integration" in the town hall meetings

In a decision, the Integration Council asks  the administration of the city of Nuremberg, to take the issue of integration and immigration as an integral part in the initial presentation for each district in the town hall meetings.

In the suit it has been mentioned: Due to the fact that the proportion of immigrant citizens in the urban population is increasing steadily, their concerns are a weighty topic in all areas of urban life. This should show that in every town hall meetings also the issue of integration and immigration is regularly addressed.

Thus both the native and the immigrant population are served, integration and participation are to be strengthened.

Unanimous decision of the Integration Council of 21.04.2015 - Applicant: Horst Göbbel

Participation in the anti-racist street festival on 13.06.2015

The Integration Council will take part in this activity against racism with an information booth about "Nuremberg holds together". Actions that are committed to a better coexistence of people in Nuremberg are supported by the Integration Council.

Unanimous decision of the Integration Council of 21.04.2015 - Applicant: Lemia Yiyit

Appointment Notices

• Sitzungdes Extended Board of the Integration Council:

 19.05.2015, 17:30 clock, room 306, International House, Hans-Sachs-Platz 2, Nuremberg

• meeting of the Integration Council:

06.16.2015, 16:00 clock, Zi. 45, Town Hall, Town Hall Square 2, Nuremberg

• Commission for Integration meeting:

06.25.2015, 15:00 clock, Large Boardroom

Rathaus, Fünferplatz 2, Nuremberg


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