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Children and Youth Sponsorship: It falls to us all sometimes difficult to determine on who is poor and who is not, especially when it comes to children and youth. Whether it is in Africa or elsewhere in the world, is every child or adolescent victims of the sad African world history, indirectly victims of slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism. Depending on whether the perception of this problem lives in Africa or elsewhere in the world for children and young people of African descent can be very different. In Africa, anywhere in the world where there are not among people of African descent to the majority of the population but the population group include that is large enough to be taken to social policy seriously, connect children and young people's poverty to their fate within the community. Children and young people of African descent in Germany and similar countries is the important identity, is about everything and is printed in different ways individually. Each of us may improve this situation and positive affect. Each of us can help in the education of its kind. Finally, it is about a case that we want to meet.
One can, for example, tinker with these children and young people together, play sports or they playing music, drama, etc. teach.
About all you can do is the education and training. You can help that some of them good schools visit.

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